Nothing would be possible without our contributors—of both time and money—who invest in who we are. We wouldn’t be HOBY Colorado without them.”

We believe those who invest in what they believe understand that passion drives people. Those who volunteer have a passion for putting others first and see the worth of doing something for nothing. Those who support non-profits are cognizant of the good things humans do without taking in monetary profit for themselves, rather the profit of successes of individuals served, of lives and communities changed. Those who give to youth organizations see the need that exists to give to a generation beyond their own, a lifetime beyond their own, a country and a society that will belong to the youth of today.

HOBY Colorado's Sponsors and Contributors share all of these beliefs, and we thank them for their continued gifts and confidence year after year. HOBY Colorado would not be possible without you, we would not be us without you.   

HOBY Colorado is grateful to those who donate, if your organization would like to give time or funds, please email