Hey HOBY Colorado Alumni of 2013 and 2014!

J-Staff applications have been sent out for seminar 2015 and we’re eager to get things going with our orange crew! This means you’ve got to be ready! Remember that a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer hours are required to be considered for a position, (our alumni have been known to go far above this number). Also keep in mind that the final application acceptance date is in January, and we expect HIGH volumes of applications! J-Staff is the loud, orange glue that helps hold this great seminar together. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of HOBY Colorado’s 2015 Junior Staff!

Happy fall and HOBY Hugs,

Christina Onpeng
Director of Junior Staff
HOBY Colorado 2005 Alumna

WE WANT YOU for HOBY Colorado 2015!

Hello HOBY Community!

Welcome to the 2015 Seminar season!  My name is Richard Maez and I am the Leadership Seminar chair for the 2014-2015 HOBY year.  I am super excited about our program this year and can’t wait to have an impact on the lives of high school students across Colorado.

Key volunteers for the seminar have been hard at work setting goals, vision planning, and getting pumped for the 2015 seminar, but now we need your help!  Our seminar planning team is composed of fantastic directors with great skill sets, dedicated to making the 2015 HOBY Colorado seminar the best seminar yet!

Even though we have a great group of directors, we need YOU, dedicated and tireless volunteers, to help us be successful.  If you are interested in helping HOBY Colorado more than just during seminar weekend, then this email is for you.  Reply directly to me with your area of interest (Recruitment, Fundraising, Public Relations, Program Development, etc.) and I will put you in touch with the director of that area.  If you are not sure what you want to do, but definitely want to help us, just let me know and I will work to place you in the best area possible!

Again I’m very excited about the 2015 HOBY seminar!  Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just to say hello!  HOBY wouldn’t be able to do what we do without all of you!

HOBY Hugs,

Richard Maez
HOBY 2009 Alumni
2015 Leadership Seminar Chair

It’s back to school… What does this mean for HOBY Colorado alumni?

Yes, it’s fall again, and this means a lot of things. Crisp Colorado weather, the turning of Aspen trees and backpacks loaded with books. It also means it’s time for another group of sophomores in high school to be considered to participate in the annual seminar Hugh O’Brian Youth, and it also means our alumni are doing what they do best: making their own way and getting involved.

Ginny Creager, a freshman this year at the University of Denver, recently shared some of her HOBY experiences, including the impact it left on her life.

“HOBY inspired me to get more involved. I’ve always had a passion for helping people but HOBY really escalated that for me… It [HOBY] made me want to go out and do all of these things.”

Creager’s volunteer time includes mentoring and working with young women through the Women’s Foundation.

This year Creager, also a Boettcher scholar, will spend most of her time focusing on schoolwork, but will be encouraging those from her high school to think about HOBY for their sophomore summer.

“HOBY opened up things for me and it can for every person that goes… It ignited my passion to serve and do even more.”

This past year tens of thousands of students participated in HOBYs around the world and HOBY Colorado is proud to have been counted as a participator since 1978.

Our entire volunteer staff takes great pleasure in providing hundreds of our state’s sophomores with a worthy program they will walk away from only wanting more—and not just more HOBY, but more time volunteering, creating change and leading.

We are already planning for our seminar (next June!), and we are looking forward to the annual registering of students that signals fall and back to school to us!

Have a great semester HOBY Colorado!

HOBY Hugs,

HOBY Colorado Board

If you’d like to know more about HOBY Colorado 2015, including ways you can participate, please email publicrelations@hobycolorado.org

2014 Enrollment Information Has Been Sent

Hello Ambassadors,

The enrollment instructions for the 2014 seminar have been sent to the addresses we have on file for each of you!  Colorado HOBY requires additional information from all ambassadors prior to the seminar.  Most of these forms can be completed online, but you will have to print, sign, and bring a couple of forms with you to check in on Thursday June 5th.

If you have not received the email with the subject “HOBY Colorado Enrollment”, please send an email to the director of operations, rsteadman@hobycolorado.org with your full name and school name.  The deadline to complete all online forms is May 23, 2014.

We’re excited to meet all of you in June!

Attention HOBY Alumni!

It’s time to get involved HOBY Colorado Alumni!

Seminar 2014 is fast approaching and as always, it is ramping up to be a truly OUTSTANDING year. As we do each year, our board of directors has been setting goals to reach more student ambassadors from across the state, provide an open learning environment and to increase the knowledge of this significant organization.

This seminar, as every seminar, students will join in from high schools throughout Colorado to spend 4 days together. Just as you experienced, ambassadors will listen to panelists and keynote speakers, ask questions, work together on a Leadership 4 Service project in the nearby community and spend time in small and large groups sharing in discussion and even cheering!

Many of our volunteers are alumni, who, like you, have firsthand experience of the reasons for HOBY: to motivate youth to participate in and aid community, to initiate worthy discussions, and to listen and learn from one another. As a non-profit organization, we depend on our amazing volunteers who are willing to give their energy, time, devotion, and monetary contributions.

We would love to hear from you, our large network of alumni! Remember: our alumni so often fill Facilitator and Assistant Facilitators positions. These selections are made based on need; the early bird gets the worm! We take this opportunity to re-invite you to all of the fun of HOBY Colorado.

There are many ways to be involved with HOBY Colorado even if you are unable to join in the actual event itself. We want as many generations of HOBY Colorado involved in the continued excellence of this organization as possible.

If you would like to learn about other ways to get involved with HOBY Colorado, contact me: alumni@hobycolorado.org.


Christina Onpeng
Director of Alumni
HOBY Colorado 2005 Alumna

Call For 2014 Volunteers!

I’ve got a message for OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEERS!

As the 2014 Seminar quickly approaches (less than 90 days away: June 5th-8th, with staff arriving the evening of the 4th!), we begin to look for our key group of volunteers: Facilitators and Assistant Facilitators.

Year after year, we have some of the best volunteers return to HOBY Colorado not only to give back but to gain an unforgettable experience in return. As our volunteers quickly learn, the HOBY Colorado experience is special; they oftentimes end up gaining more from it than they thought possible. By devoting themselves to a group of 8-12 sophomores from across the state for four days, they establish connections, foster communication amongst the group and listen to the words of our state’s youth while motivating them to stand on their own and learn together.

This spring, as every spring, we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to volunteer for HOBY Colorado and see what our volunteers have to say before, during and after this incredible experience that only comes once a year.

It’s countdown time HOBY Colorado!

To register as a volunteer for HOBY Colorado Seminar 2014:


HOBY Hugs!

Kelsey Kendall
Director of Staff
HOBY Colorado 2007 Alumni

Welcome to New 2014 Ambassadors!

HOBY Colorado Would Like to Say:


WELCOME to the newly registered and soon-to-be HOBY Colorado ambassadors of the 2014 seminar!

With the start of the New Year comes the excitement of another upcoming HOBY Colorado and another batch of the best youth in the country: Colorado high school sophomores! As you might imagine, as soon as the annual seminar has ended our committed staff of volunteers immediately takes to preparing for the next. The first registrations make the time between much more bearable as we look on to the approaching HOBY Colorado seminar. And believe it or not each year’s seminar seems to be even more OUTSTANDING than the last!

We’re happy to welcome those who have registered thus far and anxiously look forward to meeting all of you in June at Colorado Christian University!

Dezarae Yoder
HOBY Public Relations Director
HOBY Colorado 2008 Alumni

Welcome HOBY 2013 Alumni!

To all the new HOBY Colorado Alumni,

Congratulations! Another seminar has been successfully completed and we have welcomed 168 outstanding young men and women into the HOBY family. One week ago today we had just left the closing ceremony for HOBY Colorado 2013 and during that ceremony we reflected on our experiences at the seminar. As we walked away from CCU we thought about the panel discussions we had and we remembered the friendships that were made. We committed ourselves to serve others and to developing our leadership skills and attributes.

At the close of another HOBY Colorado seminar I hope that all the volunteers and the ambassadors take a moment to reflect on what this experience means to them and how they are going to leverage it. HOBY sprung out of Hugh O’Brian visiting Africa and Dr. Albert Schweitzer – but without action it would have just been a visit or a memory; a neat experience to talk about with his friends. Dr. Schweitzer asked Hugh what he was going to do with his experience. Dr. Schweitzer wanted Hugh to use this experience and make something from it. And Hugh did something. He created HOBY. What are you going to do with this experience? How are you going to use HOBY to move us forward? What are you going to create as your legacy? Where are you going to make a stand?

I wish all our ambassadors a wonderful summer and am so happy that they were able to join us.

Thanks again for a wonderful seminar and an outstanding year. I can’t wait to get started working on HOBY Colorado 2014.



Ryan Marks
HOBY Colorado Board President
HOBY Colorado 2001 Alumni


2013 Pre-Seminar Materials have been emailed

Hello HOBY Ambassadors!

The pre-seminar emails have been sent to each ambassador. Colorado HOBY requires some additional information from each attendee. Most of these forms can be submitted using our online enrollment system, but there are some additional forms that must be mailed to us prior to the seminar. Please note that your online forms must be completed and the additional forms mailed by May 30th, 2013 so it is important that you complete this process as quickly as possible.

Please check your inbox right away for these instructions. If you have not received this email, please contact us at hobycoloradotech@gmail.com.

We look forward to meeting everyone on June 6th!

2013 Seminar Information Available Soon

Hello HOBY Ambassadors!

The information for the 2013 seminar will be arriving in your email inbox soon!  This site will be updated with current details, and you will be receiving an email with some additional information we need from each attendee.  If your school has already nominated you for HOBY, your space is reserved with us, but we will need some additional forms from you and your parents.

Please watch this site and your email account for further information.  If you do not receive this email by May 12, 2013, please contact our director of operations at hobycoloradotech@gmail.com

See you soon!