So you’re registered for HOBY Colorado. What next? First of all, prepare yourself for an outstanding experience unlike any you’ve encountered before. This Seminar is all about YOU, and so it is up to YOU to help make it the best. You’ll be challenged to learn more, laugh more and give more back. You’ll meet hundreds of dynamic individuals, including those in your own peer group. Friendships will be made that last a lifetime, and you’ll realize that HOBY is a place where sharing thoughts, sharing the work, and sharing smiles will bring you the greatest fulfillment.

We ask that all those who are selected to attend HOBY Colorado do so with an open mind and open heart. You will have an opportunity that relatively speaking, few in the state are offered. Why waste a chance like this? Why not put your best foot forward and see what happens?

There are always questions to be answered regarding the upcoming seminar… What do I wear, what should I bring, what type of programs should be expected, etc. Check out the FAQ page for all of those answers.

Where and When Will HOBY Colorado Be Held?

The HOBY Colorado 2018 Seminar will be held at the University of Denver on June 21st-24th. Remember: You must be able to attend ALL days of the seminar, if unable to, please let your school know so that they can give another student the opportunity to be a part of HOBY Colorado!

We can’t wait to meet you!