Imagine a chosen Colorado college campus flooded with over 200 high school sophomores and 100 staff, cheering loudly, smiling big, listening to keynote speakers and panelists, joining in on activities and participating together in a large-scale community service project. Sound like fun? Yeah, it is.

Every year our 100% volunteer run organization puts on the annual event that will broaden the minds and challenge the spirits of our state’s chosen sophomores. This means volunteers are crucial to our cause.

HOBY Colorado is always seeking exceptional individuals to join in, and there are many ways you can! If you’re interested in becoming a part of our outstanding volunteer family, please let us know by emailing us at, if you're interested in becoming a facilitator or assistant facilitator, follow this link to the HOBY seminar application

Here are some of the ways YOU can volunteer for HOBY Colorado:

  • Become a Facilitator or Assistant Facilitator and work directly with ambassadors during our annual seminar
  • Work with recruitment to get the word out about HOBY Colorado to schools and students
  • Come back your junior and senior year of high school to participate as a member of our Junior Staff
  • Join the fundraising side of things; help with planning of fundraising events, seeking out new sponsors, etc.
  • Become a board member for the HOBY Colorado chapter
  • Assist the program for the upcoming seminar by helping organize panels and assemble leadership-building activities

*volunteers approved for the seminar, please follow this link to complete Your Online Registration.

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