WELCOMe alumni!

HOBY Colorado alumni are special. Why? Because each year a huge number of them come back to volunteer for us! We know our alumni love HOBY Colorado because of the dedication they show to the organization year after year. Our alumni are involved in all sorts of ways: they volunteer at the annual seminar in June as Facilitators and Assistant Facilitators, become members of our Core Staff which helps run the seminar, they join us at dinner fundraising events in Denver, they participate as members of the board, they donate money and help fundraise, and they become a part of our audience through social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. so that they can keep in the loop on everything HOBY Colorado.

As an alumni, we’d like to give you a special invitation to become part of this active HOBY Colorado team. This includes joining our Alumni Association. Joining the Alumni Association means joining all other alumni who commit to continuing engagement with HOBY and their communities beyond their initial HOBY experience. By way of service projects, small group reunions and social media, our HOBY alumni are able to stay connected. The Alumni Association also helps instill the HOBY mission while preparing our alumni for a return to HOBY as volunteers at our June seminars. If you have questions about the HOBY Colorado Alumni Association including how to get involved, contact our Alumni Director, Christina Onpeng at alumni@hobycolorado.org.



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